12 February, Soldier Children International Day

That is why the Spanish Coalition to End the Use of Soldier Boys and Girls wants to raise its voice on this day to denounce the flagrant violation of rights of recruiting children for armed conflicts. In addition to Entreculturas, which heads the Coalition since the month of September, the Coalition is made up of Alboan, Amnesty International, Fundacion El Compromiso, the Jesuit Refugee service and Save the Children. Created in 2003, its main goal is to end forced recruitment of children, promote the compliance of the International Convention on Children's Rights and ensure that in conflict or post conflict countries, good demobilization, disarmament and rehabilitation programmes are carried out for soldier boys and girls.

Regarding February 12, the Coalition has invited to Spain two representatives that the JRS, Entreculturas ands Alboan project supports in Bukavu, Congo Democratic Republic: Nicole Nuyts, Project Director, and Maliyamungu Tenga Destin, a 17 year old ex soldier boy. Both will travel to different Spanish cities from February 5 to 20 in order to raise awareness on the problems of soldier children and to give a first hand report on the JRS projects in the Congo Democratic Republic.

More information: noticias@entreculturas.org