DNGOs and social groups enter the campaign with the motto "People come first, the crisis is no excuse"



During the month of May, over 30 cities throughout Spain presented activities during the campaign and debates with political representatives.

The target of this initiative was to ask political parties and citizens, whom ever may win,  to guarantee a public commitment in favour of the persons, their rights and dignity.

The campaign offered proposals to fight poverty  and unequal situations
Against poverty choose a government....

  1. With solidarity, working with the most vulnerable people.
  2. Engaged in investing in the most impoverished people, with no social cuts and looking for new sources of income. To allocate  l 0,7  of its consolidated budget to Development Aid in 2015.
  3. With dialogue, looking to reach the greatest consensus in the fight against poverty, making the Agreement against Poverty effective.  
  4. Defending social organisations as key actors in democracy, because they are the closest to society.  
  5. Aware, to promote Education for Development and Awareness Raising as an essential tool for generating critical thinking and fighting against poverty.
  6. Coherent, with solidarity, social justice, active policies for a sustainable development and the defense of human rights.
  7. Participating in the construction of public policies, open to joint work with civil society.
  8. Transparent, with public accountability for citizenship.
  9. Efficient  in management, with sufficient means to attain positive impact in the life of the most impoverished  and vulnerable people.  
  10. Implicated  with the eradication of extreme poverty up to 2015, directing government action to this objective.


The crisis is no excuse

Social organizations remind that the international financial crisis cannot be an excuse to cut people's rights, especially the most vulnerable. It is not admissible that the cuts be applied to those who suffer the consequences of the crisis personally and have not provoked it.  

Organizations demand coherence from the political representatives with local and autonomic responsibilities, through Agreements against Poverty.