Entreculturas and its local partners in Haiti, tireless in their work

Although Entreculturas is a Development NGO and not specialized in emergencies, it has made a great effort in order to support its local partners in the field, especially the Jesuit Refugee and Migrant Service (JRMS).

At present, the balance of this first phase of diagnosis and emergency, which will last for two months, is very positive. Date reveal that donations channeled through the Platform to Aid Haiti, where the JRMS is working, has assisted, up to January 25, 52.523 people, that is a total of 611 families, providing medical aid to 40.501 citizens and a total of 150 families. Up to now, 27 containers have been sent.

However, Entreculturas wants to continue working in the poorest Latin American country during the reconstruction phase which is being evaluated and will begin when the basic needs have been covered.

Entreculturas considers that return to school should take place as soon as possible, not only to take children away from the suffering but also to return to normal activities and recover emotional stability. There is a need to re establish the education system, which unfortunately has been interrupted on numerous occasions, and be able to provide the students with a place to develop their capacities and become the change agents that the country needs.

Women in Haiti

The World Food Programme has given example as to how to focus on the gender issue also during emergencies, since women are a special risk group regarding the vulnerability of their human rights. The WFP has granted the food aid to the mothers in order to prevent the men from robberies or misbehaviours.

In this sense, the UN has taken an important step in pointing out that women play an essential role in quick recovery, efficient application and long term sustainability of the emergency aids.

Some organizations are ringing alarm bells in fear of women´s situation during the disaster, regarding abuses or lack of attention. Rapes that were occurring before the earthquake or acute anemia cases in pregnancies that do not survive delivery because of late arrival at the hospital or the lack of information since many women are not aware that deliveries are free, are some examples of women´s suffering in the country.

Entreculturas wants to point out that we pay special attention to women during the emergency and this might set the ground to improve their situation and conditions in the future.

Entreculturas presents a didactic guide on the Haiti catastrophe 

After the earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12, Entreculturas launches a didactic proposal directed to students in order to help them understand what has happened, to get to know the poverty context in which the catastrophe took place, to analyze critically the information and to look for ways to channel their solidarity.

The didactic guide proposes the students to be part of the magazine team of "El mundo en Red": the head writer tells them that they must produce a special number on the Haiti earthquake, but differently to what happens in the newspapers, they have more time for research... At the end they will have to produce a magazine, video, exhibition or presentation that will be useful to help the other students of the school in the understanding and analysis of the earthquake.

Didactic Unit Redec

This didactic guide is produced in the framework of the awareness raising and education for development programme of Entreculturas. Through the portal www.redec.es, Entreculturas offers a specific channel for the different members of the education community, students, schools, families and alumni, with formation and specific materials for each group, blogs for schools and resources such as news, consulting forums and training courses.


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