Entreculturas and Telefónica Foundation are awkward with the quality in education in Latin America

The course stars with an evaluation (context, resources, processes and results) from schools according to an innovative and multidimensional point of view; and this test causes a reflection on the centers depending on the results within the analysis of the context. The process ends with the preparation and implementation of improvement plans and the systematization. Finally, the process is connected with a new evaluation in quality which makes it possible to know the advances in each center; to introduce the necessary adjustment in the system of quality and to start a new improvement cycle.

This project combines the experiences and specific knowledge in each part. Telefónica Foundation is the executor of one of the biggest interventions in the region in order to the eradication of child workers, defense of the child rights and the innovation in education with the IT. Fe y Alegría (with the supporting of Entreculturas) is a known agent in social change through the educative process of quality in poverty areas and exclusion.

Besides children and some educative communities of the 60 centers are better off with this program, the organizations aspire to give information to the Latin American Government to help them to formulate and develop their education policy, as a donation for childhood in the region.