Entreculturas hosts the II International Meeting of “Fe y Alegría” Public Action Programme

The Public Action Programme aims to influence in the policies and educative and social programs in order to achieve the right to a quality education for all people as a way to overcome poverty and exclusion as well as to create human development through participation, dialogue and consensus processes.

The main goal of this meeting was to evaluate the running of the Programme trough the many different experiences shared for the representatives of Fe y Alegría. "The balance is positive, we think that the Program had a very good impulse as Public Action begins to be a planned, organized and systematic activity and the most of the countries are involved in this aim", says Luis Arancibia, Entreculturas Assistant Director.

At the same time, the "Education Commitment" Campaign driven at an international level within this Program was also revised. The publication and circulation of materials - specifically the book "Una mejor educación para una mejor sociedad " (One better education for a better society), was positively valued. These materials can be found at our website.

Beyond conferences or workshops during these three days, the general balance of this second meeting showed up the progress that due to the joint working regarding Public Action and impact has been achieved. "We can feel there is a change in Fe y Alegría history, a return to the political field, and this bring us into the action field, where we can meet the others", states Luis Arancibia.

The  II International Meeting was attended by 15 countries.