Entreculturas at the International Debate on New Technologies

We showed, at the encounter, that our goal with this engagement is to promote participation, collaboration and citizen mobilization and also to prevent the majorities from being excluded from the technological changes. 

The Encounter had a triple objective: in the first place, to create a discussion space and awareness raising on the need to promote, encourage and adapt the use of ICT in the cooperation for development policies, programmes and projects. In the second place, to promote networking for cooperation for development. Last of all, to establish a network for ICT know how in cooperation, made up of cooperation agents working with new technologies. 

If you are interested in our commitment with the ICT, please read our presentation at the Encounter "Global Networks and Social Participation Integration Strategies of the Information and Communication Technologies in Entreculturas". 

When speaking of human development, from the UNDP point of view, we refer to processes that go beyond meeting basic needs and that are focused on the opportunities to reach a life with dignity in which the person is the main actor of its own development.  In this way of understanding and building "human development"  the use of the available technologies will have a fundamental role and this is why the ICT play a fundamental role in the sustainable development agenda and in the promotion of a participating and inclusive information  technology  society. 

This is Entreculturas´ thinking on the use and application of the ICT and shown in the presentation: to consider ICT as application tools for all the cooperation for development spaces ( from projects to awareness raising), that will help us to build a multicultural society with greater opportunities for development and global justice. In this framework, we would like to point out two priority objectives: 

  • The first objective is to prevent that the majorities be excluded from technological transformations, especially in education, and that this might continue to consolidate and deepen injustices. This vision wants to be implemented by the organization in the development projects with technological aspects that are being carried out in the education context of impoverished countries.
    Thus, we have the Fe y Alegría Programme for Information Technology Education. This programme goes beyond info technology in the classrooms, since it seeks to offer virtual spaces for knowledge, encounter and virtual training. In the current phase, the programme is directed to more than 2.000 teachers and 116.000 students and would like to reach all our Fe y Alegría education community in Latin America (more than 1.200.000 students, 2.775 education points and communities, 25.000 teachers). The importance of the project lies in the fact that that technology is not used as an end (supply the communities with information technology resources) but as a means to strengthen the institution's education network in Latin America.
  • The second objective is to promote, through the ICT, participation, collaboration and citizen mobilization channels. To use the new technologies to promote a world association for development, following the 8th Millennium Goal.