Fe y Alegría – Dominican Republic develops close ties with Haiti in its General Assembly



Fe y Alegría´s national Assembly in Dominican Republic, directors, teacher and student representatives of the network´s 48 schools and representatives of  Fe y Alegría Haití (also  Foi et Joie in French, Lafwa ak kè kontan in creol) participated from May 4-6  in a General Assembly that brought both organizations closer.

Thus, the island´s two Fe y Alegrías got together, shared experiences and worked together in different workshops, such as the one coordinated by Benedicto Cadenas (member of the Fe y Alegría International Quality Commission) on quality education.

In addition, Lafwa ak kè kontan  representatives explained Dominican  Fe y Alegría how they carry out their work in the neighbour country. Due to this presentation, many attendants decided to go to Haiti to pay their colleagues a visit. Benedicto Cárdenas, the director and Deputy Director for Dominican F y A showed their interest in crossing the border to have a firsthand look at work carried out in Haiti.  Lafwa ak kè kontan reflection sessions, which will be held between July 4-8 were proposed as possible dates for the visit.  

Our colleague, Pilar López-Dóriga, as our Entreculturas link in Haiti and representing Fe y Alegría, also wished to attend this event.