Fifty jesuits and laypersons in the I Meeting of Communication SJ

Everybody was very happy with each other in the meeting because of "the combination of the mind" because they shared their identity and profession. Moreover, several unknown projects were announced about communication. We also worked in groups to improve and create a new Net from the new one. "Good news for integration" said the Spanish Provincial.

The first day with Lucas López SJ, we discovered the known tools in communication such as editorials, charitable works, labors from the universities, press office in each province and the communicative and educational labor of Radio ECCA (unknown for many people).

The second day, the meeting also had good results. We had the opportunity of hearing about realities and projects on communication in process which surprised us due to the creativity and professionalism with few financial resources: tskv, press travel of Alboan, other formats of the Cristianisme i Justícia blogs, Líneas de Fuerza, el Camino Ignaciano... Then, we worked in groups and in workshops about different kinds of fields.

Everybody was agreed with the necessity of Communication Plan. Francisco José Ruiz Pérez SJ, the Spanish Provincial, brought the meeting to a close thanking for this initiative that he described as "spiritual propose" and said to people present "we have realized about the evangelical key, in a way, like a community (...) it is good news for the integration among provinces". He confirmed to understand the importance of the communication in the Mission and announced to start a process in order to create a structure and planning.