The first training meeting of VOLPA of Entreculturas

"It was a landmark within the training process that we promote from Entreculturas to prepare those who wish to do a international volunteer at the service to Spanish Cooperation" said Carmen Morales, responsible of VOLPA program. This training has been backed by Spanish Agency For International Cooperation (in Spanish AECID) which since 2012 supports Entreculturas and Alboan through the strengthening of the International volunteer Program VOLPA as a process of education and of public participation in the framework of education for development.



The meeting, that has lasted the whole weekend, has plunge into dealing the personal motives, which lead to undertake an experience of this sort. At the same time, it has sought to provide tools needed in unknown contexts, characterized by hardness, conditions of poverty and insecurity.

At the same time, international volunteer trainers also received special training to successfully address this process, using coaching and human development technics. Furthermore most of these trainers were volunteers in the south volunteer program and decided to continue being bound to Entreculturas contributing through its own experience to train and accompany internationals volunteers.

"The people undergoing training are most of them young people with university studies with a deepest concerns about inequality and about the lack of opportunities of a large proportion of the world´s population. What they all have in common is the desire of contributing to the social transformation through a volunteer service in which they compromise their abilities as individuals, allowing their self first to be transformed ", said Carmen. 



From Entreculturas we think that training those volunteer people in the South program is an essential requirement and very important for this experience to be satisfactory for the program and for the individual.