The Football team, Atleti, Red Cross and Entreculturas "Together with Haiti"

The Atlético de Madrid Foundation and the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development (AECID) jointly organized "Together with Haiti" in solidarity with the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.


The Red Cross and Entreculturas were present handing out information of their activities in Haiti. At the beginning of the match a big sheet with the words "Together with Haiti" was displayed on the grass and the players took a picture with it in order to show their solidarity. The media covering the event also mentioned the two NGOs.

From Entreculturas we acknowledge this solidarity and transmit our commitment to transfer all donations urgently and efficiently to the population of Haiti.






Declaraciones de los jugadores del Atlético de Madrid en apoyo al pueblo haitiano 


We were, we are and we will be

Entreculturas is committed with the Haitian population whom we accompany, serve and defend.
Entreculturas´ work in Haiti is focused in promoting popular education( universal and free) for all children in schooling age as a strategy in the fight against poverty in the poorest areas of the country. Before the earthquake, Entreculturas was working in Haiti with Fe y Alegria, an education institution that started 4 years ago with primary schools in Puerto Príncipe and Wanament (at the border). Our commitment is to work in school reconstruction so that the children may start studying again as soon as possible.

On the other hand, Entreculturas has been working over the last seven years with the Jesuit Refugee and Migrant Service (JRMS) in projects with Haitian refugees and migrants and with local organizations. In this tragedy, Entreculturas has helped the JRMS team. The money collected has been used to take drinking water to Puerto Príncipe, canned foods, medicines, hygiene items, tents and shelter equipment. This work will last for two months. After this, we will help with the reconstruction and in future years we will continue to work for the development of a country, very much impoverished and punished by nature. The JRMS has distributed, in coordination with other local organizations of Dominican Republic, two tons of humanitarian aid to the inhabitants of Tabarre, East of Puerto Príncipe.