Hundreds of dead and 2 million affected by the earthquake in Chile

Chile goes slowly back to routine after suffering one of the worst earthquakes of its history, 8.8 grades in the Richter scale, which, at present, has left hundreds of dead and 2 million badly affected. Survivors walk among half a million houses that are completely destroyed and hundreds of homes which still have to be evaluated for living conditions.

On her last day as President, Michelle Bachelet, has called upon the population encouraging them to rebuild the country which is estimated to last for four or five years. Her successor, Sebastián Piñero, has assured that he will change his electoral programme to meet new needs that after earthquake losses amount to 5,000 million Euros.

Entreculturas is present in Chile since 2005, when Fe y Alegría was established in the country. At present, we support 12 education centres that are made up of primary, secondary and professional schools with almost 6,000 students, 300 teachers and 150 administrative staff.

Fe y Alegría reports that all schools are in good condition despite the replicas after the earthquake.
Pending work is re evaluation of damaged or destroyed properties, an emergency bonus for affected farmers and subsidies for the purchase of a new home for those who have lost their houses.