Hurricane Ida leaves more than 180 dead in El Salvador

Just by looking at the pictures, one can see the consequences of the strong winds and heavy rains of the hurricane. The number of dead is now up to 184 and very likely to increase as the rescue work progresses.

The hurricane is yet another of the dozen disasters that has hit El Salvador over the past 20 years. President Mauricio Funes, has recognized the vulnerable situation of the country because of the landslides in the highlands and the floods of the lowlands; in addition to his, El Salvador has a high risk of earthquakes and high tides in the coast.

Fe y Alegría, our main local partner in El Salvador, reports that "some schools have been flooded, but this is not so bad compared to many citizens that have been left homeless. Thousands of houses have been destroyed and the high loss of life has been a tragedy".

"We are revising all the damages in the areas where we work and thank God there are no dead among the people we assist, but there is a great agricultural loss due to the floods. "The situation worsens with the lack of food and basic grain" according to our colleagues from CIAZO, the Foundation for Popular Education.

The Office for Humanitarian Aid of the AECID, the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation Development, has sent 24 tons of humanitarian aid. At Entreculturas we are evaluating the extent of the catastrophe and analyzing, with our local partners, the best way to help. In the meantime, hurricane Ida has started to lose intensity and is going towards the US coast with no risk of further damage.

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