Indonesia, new tragedy

At the end of December, very strong rains flooded Sumatra, destroying houses, roads, bridges and other infrastructures. More than one hundred people died and 200 disappeared. Around 350.000 people were affected by the tragedy according to the European Commission Human Organization.


The Jesuit Refugee Service reply

From Indonesia, the JRS Regional Director for Asia Pacific, Bernard H. Arputhasamy S.J., reports that the immediate Jesuit aid focused in immediate basic food aid. "Our plan was simple but urgent, since at the time a great many humanitarian agencies had difficulties in channelling aid because of the holiday season" says Bernard. 

JRS Project Director in Aceh, Fr. Bambang and the rest of the JRS team decided to work with Aceh People's Forum and other local organizations so as to distribute aid rapidly and effectively. "The truth is that we are over our heads... we still have a lot of work in the tsunami recovery project and the Yogyakarta earthquake" says Bernard.

From Entreculturas we continue to support the reconstruction work that the JRS is carrying out in the area. We have therefore increased coverage of our attention to the new affected population and their needs.