Mundo Escolar, our bet for Interactive education

In this large virtual community, the various users, students, teachers, managers, researchers and families, may find education software, learning communities, forums, news, wikis, inter school projects, etc. in order to enable net working and exchange of knowledge and facilitate mutual learning experiences among the 18 countries that integrate the International Fe y Alegría Federation.

Mundo Escolar is framed in an ambitious programme supported by Entreculturas that also includes the creation of virtual classrooms and an inter active e-learning platform that facilitates access to new information  and communication technologies  to the education community of Fe y Alegría. Thus, many schools will integrate ICT in their pedagogy and the teachers will be able to have access to continuous virtual training means at reduced costs. MundoEscolar_inter

The first pilot phase, the implementation and the follow up on the maintenance of the programme counts with the coordinated support of EC, the International Fe y Alegría Federation and Accenture, who has funded part of the project.

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