The Official Aid for Development in the 2009 budget is insufficient

The Coordinator for NGOs Spain, of which Entreculturas is a member, reminds that today more than ever, this increase is a priority given the context of global economic crisis that affects mainly he less favoured countries: only this year, there are already 50 million people more, hungry.

The government plans to allocate 4.351 million Euros to Official Aid for Development, which means a smaller increase than the GNP. To reach 0, 5% next year it would be necessary to increase significantly the debt swap and the decentralized cooperation and this is not guaranteed.

The Coordinator values positively the government's commitment to inform on each of the aid funds, but however, is worried that the Funds for Development, a questioned channel because of inefficiency and pending legal reform, is once again consolidated as the main channel of Spanish Cooperation with more than 57% of total funds. Likewise, the recently created Water Fund, with a planned donation of 300 million, should express its orientation towards fighting against poverty.

The Coordinator considers that the capacities of the Spanish NGOs should be taken more into account in order to carry out development activities and is worried because of the fact that our country has not been able to manage the total aid budgeted for 2007.

The Coordinator hopes that the parliamentary questions presented this month by the political parties will help to direct the budget towards meeting commitments acquired by our government in different international meetings, regarding aid quality and quantity.