Political parties sign a State Agreement against Poverty

This signing has a great value and shows the will and commitment of political parties to promote and consolidate the progress achieved in the Spanish Cooperation for Development Aid. Likewise it also means recognition for the role played by the Development NGOs on the follow up and improvement of Cooperation. 

The Coordinator had promoted this in order to reach an agreement on certain steps to be taken against poverty, so that these agreements would become State policy, with social consensus, no matter what party was in power. The agreement has also regarded the possibility of creating a follow up commission, made up of social agents, which will meet once a year. 

Coordinator president, José María Medina, stated that this engages politicians in summing up coordination efforts among the different administrations to carry out efficient initiatives and measures to eradicate poverty. Likewise, the Coordinator hopes that the agreement will be followed through and objectives like the increase of the Official Aid for Development will reach 0,7% of the GNP in 2012 will be met.