“The poorest are the worst off”

In Nicaragua the number of dead and evacuated people is made public after the floods due to the intense rains over the past weeks. A total of 59 dead and almost 10.000 evacuated from their homes and relocated in schools, churches and dining halls.

The poorest are the worst off, those who refused to be evacuated because of fear for the loss of their few belongings..

Today, the lake of  Managua has surpassed in  55 cm the limit left by the Mitch hurricane in 1998. And it is still raining...

I am shocked by this and by the people of Nicaragua being used to natural disasters. It is as if they were waiting for it, as if they knew the disaster would arrive and they face it bravely, without complaining.

The activity in town continues, I only raise my head with  police or firemen alarms. People do not seem to react although with their silence they might be imploring heaven for the rain to stop. A woman sitting next to me in the bus says to me in a very low voice "And October, the rainy month, has just started..."

Crops are being lost and this is felt in the market places. Annabel has gone shopping "I had been buying frijoles at 8 pesos and now they are already at  22” The frijol and the rice  are  the main food. Once again the poorest are the worst off.

I have tried to keep quiet these days because I did not want to alarm in this situation, but I just cannot get used to living this reality and remain silent...