School Day of Non-Violence and Peace, 30th January

Learning values of peace and participation are essential for a democratic coexistence. It is necessary to start the training in an early age at home, school and other socialization areas. Consolidating these values is vital to form sound persons who are committed on the creation of a common weal with the democratic values (solidarity, equality, coexistence in diversity, justices and freedom) in a Word with several problems.

In the point of view of Entreculturas, learning about participation means to educate people able to create a possible World we believe in. On the other hand, learning about peace creates a conception of an equal global citizen on dignity, messenger of a new social order more inclusive and sustainable. We believe in a kind of participation to make new things and convert the new problems between people and countries into peaceful ties and exchanges.




For that other World, we would need another kind of education among other things. A creative and innovative education to promote the learning of participation and democratic values from the experience: "you take part when you participate in it". Therefore, Entrecultaras celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Solidary Network Program for young people in which is promoted the participation of girls and boys in the high school as awareness agent. On the one hand, these young people direct their volunteering action to improve their closer environment and, on the other hand, they try to inform of injustices and social exclusions about question that they have been educated before.