The Spanish NGO Coordinator, CONGDE, presents a Resources Guide on Education for Development

"Knowledge is useless if it is not used to create a more committed citizenship`" said Mar Palacios, spokeswoman for the Education Committee of the CONGD. With these words she presented the Resources Guide for Education for Development, a tool that is now renovated in order to present resources (materials, activities, campaigns and experiences) to all those people committed with deep social transformation from contexts such as formal education (schools, universities, etc) or no formal (social centres etc).

La guía se encuentra a disposición pública en la web de la Coordinadora: 

Mar Palacios, added "The NGOs and Public Institutions should be aware that we have to change from being organizations of international cooperation to development organizations. This implies that we have to educate our societies whose development model we know is not sustainable and produces deep inequalities at global level. This new role is key in the development agenda and increasingly more local organizations from the South ask us to do so.

The on- line guide is elaborated with organization members of the Coordinator, Entreculturas is one of them, and facilitates users with all the resources the NGOs produce in order to advance in education for development and global citizenship.

The NGOs are, at present, one of the main promoting agents of education for development in Spain. They have been working for many years to occupy the role that is theirs in the development process. This implies a commitment of the Public Institutions, Regional Governments and the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation to increase institutional capacities ( more staff and with a greater degree of specialization and a sustainable increase of resources).