Tour of the report on “Literacy, the door to knowledge”

Former Regional Director, Carlos Krisch and Edelso Gomez, a 24 year old literate, talked about their experience with radio education.

Alejandro Fernandez Ludeña, author of the report, pointed out that "one out of six people in the world are illiterate and this is worse in the case of women because out of 100 literate men, only 80 women can read or write." He also pointed out that the situation is worse with rural, native, immigrant or handicapped populations. Although in the last years, priority has been given to commitment with primary education, the truth is, according to Fernandez, "that UNESCO is engaged in giving further support to adult literacy for the period 2003-2012".

Entreculturas is a firm supporter of radio education for adult literacy for all those who were forced to abandon school or had never the chance to attend.

The Delegations that have contributed to this tour have been Valencia, Santiago, Coruña, Valladolid, Salamanca, Tenerife and Palma de Mallorca.