VII Meeting of the Latin American Campaign for the Right to Education

In this edition, the meeting was about the "Social fights, Human rights and Education - a Stronger Democracy and active population in Latin America and Caribbean". One of the objectives is to discuss about the context of the democracies in the region and the relation between the right to education and communication in the fight for a stronger democracy and active population.

Around 71 people of 21 countries of Latin America and Caribbean took part in this meeting, apart from some guests on behalf of Organizations and Chains of CLADE. Lucía Rodríguez Donate (person in charge of the Spanish Public Action Program of the International Federation of Fe y Alegría) participated on behalf of Entreculturas.

Within the framework of this meeting and in alliance with the ALER, Fe y Alegría Federation and International Council of Education for Adults (CEAAL), CLADE also promoted a Workshop of Interlearning in Education and Communication: Convergences and Challenges. The main mission was to share the experiences about the use of communication in the social actions and political.